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Personalize Your Unique and Priceless
Hand-Crocheted Baby Blanket

Add the New Baby's Name!
With this Simple-to-Use Crochet Pattern,
It's Quick & Easy, Here's How
Works on Any Blanket! Adds a Personal Touch!
The most precious gift parents receive is the birth of their new baby boy or girl.. The second most precious thing? Why memorable gifts for the baby...of course! Even better! Personal hand-made gifts! So, if you're already creating or even buying a baby blanket as a gift, why not customize it? With our pattern, it's easy to add a name. Add the baby's birthdate the same time you add the name or after the birth! Our easy-to-use pattern is so simple even the novice crocheter quickly creates a very special personalized one-of-a-kind gift!

Look below for NEW bonuses!

"Name Your Baby Blanket"
Downloadable or Mailed
Pattern (Includes Numbers Too)

Sample Crocheted
Names Blanket
This simple system uses a 2-yarn process and the double crochet stitch allows you to add the name and/or birth date of the newborn to the blankets. Make your gifts more valuable, unique and even more treasured!

Here's Why Our Process is So Special...We Hope You Agree!
Create a crocheted blanket (or purchase a baby afghan) that immortalizes your love, time and effort. Give a special uniquely-named blanket for that precious new little loved one.
Present a baby blanket that is truly unique and one of a kind! While anyone might follow a pattern and create a blanket that looks just like yours, adding a name & birthdate personalizes the blanket and makes it truly a one-of-a-kind gift!
The Pattern is so easy even a baby could do it! Well not exactly, but it's easy enough for the beginning crocheter. Our system uses two yarns simultaneously so the pattern creates a finished look on the front and back.
For most, the name can be added quickly, within 24 hours.
Downloadable pattern so you can receive it in minutes and can start crocheting today, (of course it is available by mail for a small additional fee) Click here to order today!

What Our Happy Clients Have to Say!
"I had to get 2 copies - 1 for each sister that crochets! They have
crocheted for years and have never seen such a thing!"

- Amanda R.; Los Angeles, CA

"Daniel's blanket is one I will treasure forever. There is not
another one like it on the entire planet!"

- Fiona H.; Las Vegas, NV

"I'm fascinated with the Popular Names Book; there's something
about it that grabs my attention!"

- J. Walton; San Diego, CA

Receive a Few Bonus Gifts from us With Your Order!

FREE  "Heaven Sent" blanket pattern

  FREE"  Little Angel" blanket

- PLUS -
INCLUDED FREE: Directions and graphs for Six (6) Native Design Scarves. (($7.95 value)
Our Commitment - a 30-Day Guarantee - You Can Sleep on It!

The "Name Your Baby Blanket" book containing
this amazing system of patterns & bonuses can be yours!

Order Today! Only $5.95 downloadable

Want to receive it in print? Only $9.95 plus $4.95 shipping/handling ($14.90 total)

Here's again what you get: the "Name Your Baby Blanket" Pattern & the Number Pattern Supplement;"Native Design Scarves"

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